The first snow and the last leaves

I believed my last post to be the final one from Rondane, but I was wrong. A few days ago snow fell on the mountains and I finally went for a short hike yesterday to capture it on camera. The hotel I work at is at ca. 900m altitude so autumn came quicker than it did in the valley, and we have felt the autumn progress the last week. The sun raises after me now and the air is much colder. Yet, yesterday feels like the shifting day to me, perhaps because the sky opened up and let the full frost in. I awoke to frost covering everything: grass, branches, car windows. The air was especially crisp and as breathe out the air condensates. The sun melted some of the snow away, but in the shadows the frost didn’t leave and stayed the night. When I woke up this morning I put on a scarf to go the 50 metres from my apartment to the hotel. It is my last day working tomorrow, and it feels nice to be moving on. I’ve appreciated my time here, it has left me with more money than I could have hoped to save up in a city and I’ve been able to hike to my hearts content – and I have.

I spend my days now on google planning my trip, and I feel a mixture of pure excitement and dread at the expenses I’m already planning. I tell myself I’ll make other parts of the trip cheaper to balance the week where I’ll spend almost $800 on activities only (scuba diving and hiking permits/guides), but I know in my heart that it’s easy to think that and harder to do. Yet I believe in doing what I wish to do, and I would have spent that money on another experience if I didn’t spend them there. I dream of white beaches, humid rainforests and tanning, while outside the air creeps up my sleeves and promise that the winter is really just around the corner. Part of me feels blessed to leave this dreadful time of the year, after the leaves have fallen and the world turns grey and brown and wet, and before the snow comes to stay. Yet I always find excitement in the dynamic of a four season life, the longing, always, for the next season and now I am going backwards. I cannot imagine anything better to return to after 10 weeks of impressions, busses, excitement, strange food, unknown people, sweat, oceans, cocktails, loneliness, solitude and whatever else I will find on the way, to return to winter and my bed and christmas. The final quarter of 2016 has great potential.



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