My Next Two Months in a List

After a month or so staying with my parents in my hometown, not really doing much, I finally have some clarity over what my next couple of months will look like. A few exciting things has happened the last week!

‣ I have officially graduated! Going back for graduation was short and sweet. A last visit to the uni, a last night with my friends and a last hike in the Lake District. With my diploma in hand I am finally getting around to applying for a Masters.

‣ My dad and I booked plane tickets, bought cycling and camping equipment in order to spend a week cycling around the Lofoten islands in northern Norway. This is something I had a really strong desire to do during the months I have in Norway before moving on again, so I’m thrilled that this is now happening. Lofoten is known around the world as having stunning landscape; large mountains shoot up from the ocean, little red rorbuer (a small house fishermen used for sleeping in and storing equipment in the past, now converted into tourist accommodation) are lined up in bustling harbours and weather is so real you cannot help but feel alive. I am beyond excited for this trip, even though I don’t have a great love for cycling. I pray for a patient father and nice weather, and I promise a bunch of pictures on my return.

‣ My friend Victoria and I decided to put our literature degrees into practice and started a literature platform together. It’s in Norwegian for now, but hopefully this will develop into a cool place where we can inspire to read and make literature a little more approachable to everyone, especially the young. Visit Kvardagsbiblioteket here to check it out!

‣ I decided it was time to upgrade my camera equipment. This is something I have talked about for a while now, and I finally got around to doing the research required to decide which lens would be a good fit for my travel and photography style. I landed on a 50mm, the ‘nifty fifty’, and I am so pleased with it so far. I always wanted to be able to take bright and soft, yet sharp images, and now I can! So I’m excited to play around with it and perhaps take more portraits now that I have this awesome lens. I have my eye on another lens as well that I might get in preparation for the next point on this list:

‣ I got a job! A good friend of mine hooked me up with a sweet deal. The day after I return from Lofoten I will travel 6 hours into the heart of Norway to live for two months in Rondane national park. This is only an hour or so from Jotunheimen national park (where I went hiking a few weeks ago), and it is a stunning part of Norway that I haven’t explored yet. The hotel I will work and stay at has kayaks and bikes I can use, and there are 10 day hikes up mountains that stretch higher than 2000m. As the year grow later the autumn foliage will come with a completely new look as the mountains take on orange and yellow hues. I am so so happy to go live someplace new, to get to explore Norway a bit more, and to save up some money for future travels!

So now the future is a lot more exciting than it was a week ago, and my plan for this little 6 month gap is looking very much like what I had in mind when I took that decision. It’s good to know that with patience and good friends everything will work out!


This is my family’s dog Bambi, photo taken with my 50mm. She is so camera shy I had to hold up a piece of sausage to get her to face me. That is what she is looking at so intensely.

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