Project Watch Less TV-Series

I’m going through changes, fresh starts, new chapters – all of that stuff. Last month I finished my final exam of my Bachelor, and already I am at a loss of what to do. I know what I would have liked to do, but that’s a whole other thing again. So I’m deciding to start this blog up again, for a few different reasons. First, I need something to do – other than watching TV. Not worrying about grades and deadlines is nice, but I need to have a purpose, ambitions and something to work on. Hopefully this will be fun. Second, I hope to push myself to be more creative, I am feeling so inspired lately and I want a platform beyond my Instagram account. Hopefully this will be interesting. Third, whenever I travel anywhere I seek advice on the internet, and although there are a great number of travel blogs out there, sometimes they don’t answer exactly what you want to know. I am a little sporadic, perhaps, when I make my plans; I get impatient when doing research and I prefer to just go and hope that everything sorts itself out – this, I am sure, is the reason why I always end up in strange, disastrous and, in hindsight, somewhat funny situations. I hope to be able to give an idea of how, why and where I travel, so that it can entertain or guide anyone who stumbles upon this blog.

With this in mind, I am going to do something different from my previous six, seven, eight (something like that) attempts at blogging. I may even tell my mum about this one. Right now my intentions are for this to be entirely travel related, so including packing lists, tips, itineraries, my thoughts on places and such things. I am a bit of a storyteller, so there might be a journal-like aspect as well when I am on the road. We will see. Over the next few weeks I hope to start writing about the places I have already been, as well as those I am going to visit.

Version 2
(This photo was taken out of a sunroof while driving on the highway in Maine. I was terrified I would lose the grip on my camera and held on for dear life. I actually quite enjoy the effect)


PS. I will also need to learn how to use wordpress, so I promise to attempt (key word) to improve the layout of this as soon as I have moved out of Lancaster and have some more time on my hands.


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